Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Thought on Lust

Delightful image
in my mind.
Oh, delightful image,
you are unkind.

Go away,
lest you fuel
The aching
that I have for you.

You peaceful tormentor-
you aim to snare!
You make me insane,
can't find the air.

You drive me to madness
You've only begun
Your visage- a bullet
and me- the gun

Never so desperate
Need to hide
Never a thought
of sweeter suicide.

To my temple,
pulling back
kill me quickly,
fade to black.

Over come
to feel your skin
to drink you up,
to take you in.

To come over you
as you lay bare,
To whisper your name
to touch your hair.

Poisoned now,
because it's hatched
the salacious itch
that I can not scratch. - lkjslain

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