Friday, February 18, 2011

My Rather Frightening Experience with J.Wow

Did I even spell that right? Ah, heck, I don't care. -

So, my husband and I have been dating. (Each other, not other people :P) and upon our dating, we decided to make our way into a Borders books the other night. When we pulled up, I told him that I was sure that we wanted to be here. Outside, was a line of several hundred 14-17 year olds, mostly girls.

The doors to Borders opened and they all stampeded in. We had no idea what the flip was going on. We were there to find books for our acting class.

Anyways, inside the store, teenagers were left and right shouting, screaming, and holding J.Wow's book "The Rules According to J.Wow..."

It just so happened that the "theatre" section was in an area that was apparently "forbidden" because the elusive "J.Wow" was just about twenty feet away. A heavy man came to us and told us that we could not stand there. My husband and I exchanged glances like he was crazy. "We just came here for a book!" I said. He shook his head, "No you can't stand here..."
Some girl screamed "I LOVE YOU J.WOW!!!"

Grumbling, my husband and I found the "drama" section elsewhere in the store. Thank God that section had everything that we were looking for. Apparently, this was a book signing, but, J.Wow wasn't even there for more than forty minutes.

What I found frightening about this whole thing is that, I have no idea who J.Wow is (except that she is on Jersey Shore, which I don't watch) but that ninety percent of the people there to buy her book and get it signed were very young teens. Like I said, some of them were groups of no older than 14 (the other 10 percent were an odd mix, but a good chunk of them were older men...). Giggly, cussing, hanging off of one another, it was really quite a frightening scene. I was wondering where all of the parents were. It was also frightening because the sea of raging hormones trounced and stampeded into this store for all of forty minutes and then all disappeared. No one was there to read, or look at other books... They were all there to get J.Wow's book signed by J.Wow.

My husband and I helped a friend find something and stayed for a few more minutes to get me an extra journal. This is suddenly when I realized that I don't quite know HOW, but somehow J.Wow had VANISHED... The entire back of the store was open again.

During my entire book shopping experience, I never ONCE caught a glimpse of J.Wow... not even a blink. I told my husband "I don't know who she is... but, I most certainly wouldn't be listening to her rules..."

What do you think? Do you know of/like J.Wow? Do you think she's a good role model for hundreds of fourteen-seventeen year old girls?