Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Breath - LKJSlain

Just one breath...
if it's all the same.
One moment and then I realize
Now, this is your game.

... Quickly I am cornered
in my very own cage.
Won't let you overcome me now
All I have is my rage.

There you are pounding,
and yes you're trying to get in.
There you are knocking
against the inside of my skin.

Crawling like a weak animal
certainly won't save me
and trying hard to run away
might even more enslave me.

And yet... I'm just drawn to you.
It's the smell isn't it?
Can't breathe when I'm around you.

One breath, and it comes flooding back
The very thing that turns me on.
One breath and I clench my fists,
and pray that it will soon be dawn.

Are you friend or are you brother,
Are you ghost or real?
Leave me alone please?
I just don't want to feel. - LKJSlain

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